The first half of May

We made a lot of progress the first two weeks that we owned the house: pulling out carpet, painting, cleaning, trimming ferns, and much more. But, for everything we did we wanted to do something else! Everyday, the yard grows, blooms, and changes. We are so glad that we are in the house now so that we can watch the transformation. So far in May, we have been painting and moving. We are frantically painting because some of the new carpet will be installed on May 18th. I also am fixing the floor int he mater bedroom because some water from the shower had destroyed the particle board. Furthermore, we decided that we would like to redo the 70's style bathroom to make it a bit more modern. This involves a tile floor, thus we wanted to bring the bedroom floor up a half inch to be flush with the tile. You know what that means! Allan needs a jigsaw so that he can make cutouts in the plywood.

Opening a Seghesio Home Ranch zinfandel with no corkscrew in the house.

Morning coffe and tea in the living room.
The pear? tree out the back window.

The Japanese maple by the upper pond.

The lower pond and gazebo.
.The garden with lots of raspberry bushes.

The asian pear tree is blooming and growing.
Bleeding hearts by the upper pond.

Painting the master bedroom closet
Putting our dishes in the newly painted cupboards!

Shana did a great job painting the kitchen.
Our fish surived the move, but have to wait for painting the finish.
.The living room, with stereo.

.Painting the living room and preparing for new carpet.

Shana and Kathy in the living room with the carpet pulled out.

.Still painting!

Replacing the underlayment. Notice the subfloor from the old farmhosue.
The kitchen is looking good! Now for new countertops and backsplash (and yellow paint on the walls).

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