We have been so busy that we have had no time to post pictures. So here is the update from the 2nd half of May and the month of June. A lot of progress was made. We got installed a subfloor in the bedroom, installed a tile entryway ourselves, got new carpet, Shana painted painted and painted, had our friend and contractor install a vent for a hood, recessed lights in the kitchen, and help us put in some butcher block countertops. Outside, we got a gas lawnmower becaue we were getting too tired with the push mower, planted a wimpy garden, cleaned the chicken coop, and have watching the plants bloom. We also got a pump for the well to water the garden with, and it works better than we expected. Things are moving along and we are loving the house and yard. Now, if summer would only get here!

Yeah, I can install a subfloor.

A new subfloor (and the drill that I killed).

The living room ready for carpet.

The living room with carpet!

Help in the laundry room from my friend Chad.

Getting the floor ready for tile.

Installing the tile.

We like to share the work.

Alyssa (niece) and Allan about to release fish into the pond (and acting crazy as usual).

Still acting crazy and riding the cow. The cow looks sort of scared!

The family room with new carpet and tile, and fixed brick for the fireplace.

Deciding where to hang pictures.

The guest room (come and visit us!)

The 'lodge', as we call it.

The kids room

I'm not gonna make a mess.

See, I'm carefully removing the countertop.

And I'm cleaning up behind you!

The new butcher block countertops

Painting the difficult areas using custom made scaffolding. Don't worry, it was reinforced, locked into place, and clamped into place. It was safer than rock-climbing!

A new (and quiet) dishwasher about to be installed!

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